Steppingstonescreative Dance Group

Steppingstonescreative Dance Group’ is a new initiative in  Salford.

It is a dance group for young people aged 12 – 20 with different abilities, perspectives and experiences, who are interested in contemporary dance.

The group is member led, evolving from a Bronze Arts Award programme and based in Salford.

Members are involved in planning and organising  the group workshops:

On the 18th February the group met for a workshop held in the public space of The South Gallery at The Whitworth Art Gallery. The fact it was a public space produced some interesting responses:

’I felt the people walking through caused me stress, but because I enjoy dance, I moved away from the people and stood outside the workshop group. Until the public walked through’.

‘ I enjoyed the dance better than I thought I would and after a bit the people stopped bothering me’

The group are in the process of arranging several more workshops for 2019, after successfully being involved Salford CVS Wellbeing grant award