‘Exhibition: Two Young Ladies, The Temperance Bar, Leamington Spa, November 2020

 Exhibition: Two Young Ladies

The exhibition ‘Two Young Ladies’ opens next November 3rd, 2020, at The Temperance Bar, Leamington Spa, England. Curated by Steppingstonescreative “Two Young Ladies’ collects the work of two artists, Chloe Santos and Ella Evenson and images of movement from its own Dance group.

“I am Ella Evenson, an artist with Mosaic Down Syndrome. I am 11 years old.

I started painting in my summer holidays 2019.

My favourite style of painting is abstract. I use a variety of tools to work with and love using bright colours. Though now beginning to explore Expressionism. This is my third exhibition. In my work you might see reference to feelings on being excluded and how being ‘part of ‘, is important. I want to show including is important because if children leave you out and don’t talk to me I am sad. So, I like to include children so they feel happy. Ella

I am proud of myself because my determination I have launched my own online store. I named it Ella Colourful Creations. My website is artist-ella.jimdosite.com”

Chloe Santos is an autistic young person, who has exhibited her work in the Ferrandou Atelier, The Lot, France and inside the iconic building, The Soapworks, Salford Quays.

Born: 29th May, 2005, Chloe writes:

In my early years we moved a lot, but I now live in Salford. My only memory from my early years was a love of spaghetti. I missed a lot of school in my early years.

 I am the oldest of four children and have always been surrounded by pets.I got diagnosed for autism, my brother has ADHD.I do not talk to people, but choose not to talk to people

But I come alive when I start talking to people about my art

I am selective about what and who I talk too …. Especially when things are new, I have been a little stressed

 Really when I have inspiration, when I am looking at new things …. When I was younger I did not know how to draw …. In the old house I has some serious issues with my rooms .. I had some serious dreams … I have always loved and enjoyed drawing … using pastels … I get out my drawing paper when I am inspired … I can listen on repeat to video .. and draw from what I feel.

I draw a lot in my bedroom.

 I am inspired by what I see around me … I read tweets .. which I put into my drawings

 I have no idea where my art can take me, but it is my strength.”