Cops In The Hat

Josef Beuys states ‘everyone is an artist’ and every location is a location for ‘art’. Believing creativity is deeply personal event, drawing upon the events of the individual’s life experiences. Beuys understood and recognised we exist in a general state of imbalance, illness and injury, characterises the human condition. In his representations, he associates language with materials, which can be fluid and transformative.

A collaboration involving steppingstones creative and NUANs will deliver several workshops and exhibition, influenced by the thoughts of Josef Beuys. One of the locations will be The Whitworth.

The workshops will allow the group to assert their artistic presence in several locations. Where the individual group members will explore inner feelings and experiences, which regulate their actions. Transforming these inner feeling which regulate their actions. Transforming these inner feelings and experiences into a physical object.

The workshops will be happening in Autumn 2020.