At Home, Everyone is an Artist

Creative pieces by members, parents and supporters, imaging their activities and thoughts, during the covid-19 period.

Our latest project in these troubled times, we have invited our young people, creative team and board members, currently at home in isolation, to contribute artwork that they are creating in response to the Covid-19 virus.

Comments from participants, parents, carers and others to the Covid-19 project


these are fantastic aren’t they..!….such  anger and intensity and yet a calm and wonderful imagination……congratulate her on being so positive during this mad time in the world……looks like she is becoming calmer and more expressive as each work progresses…

David Wilson-Johnson 
Ferrandou Atelier

Yes she likes talking about her art and she starting to go a bit crazy with all this nothings different for her how can I see the gallery?

‘Chloe’s art has kept her going.. ‘

Hi Shell, I am sorry I will not be able to drop off the arts materials today. I have and am waiting for an important phone call. I will drop them off at the door late tomorrow morning. Regards, Michael

Ok thankyou

Hi Shell, are the materials ok. I use lining paper for art work with groups. It is cheap, plentiful and does the job well. You can buy it in different thicknesses depending on which paints, etc. you want to use. Regards, Michael

Thankyou Michael just perfect Chloe will get use out of them

Anais and Rhias

Hello Anais, How are you both. Are you still helping out at Creggs or have they now closed. Our web page is up and running and it would be nice if you and Rhea could start to think of some ideas,. I have said two general themes: Present and Future. So I might think about my cancelled holiday. How are you both for materials? Michael

I’m good thanks and yes Greggs have closed- we will get working on something in the next few days

Yes it’s a good idea- I feel like a theme would work well however I think leave the medium up to individual choice, that way we can all make a piece of work in a different way

Yes sure, have you had any other theme ideas? I’ll try and produce some more work but I’m struggling without a starting point

Not really sure what this is to be honest I just experimented with some doodles relating to corona- not sure what you will make of it


Michael that does sound like a fabulous idea and yes both Alysha and I will be very interested in this project. She is missing everyone and a virtual group would help her to stay in touch and not feel as isolated x

Alysha and I were talking last night about this and she was quite excited about sea themed pictures. We were talking about mermaids and living under the sea. Gives a broad range of different ideas from on the sea to under the sea, construction ie ships bridges, sea creatures, birds of the sea, mammals, North Pole. We chatted about a whole range of links