This is My Family.

Spent the day in a fabulous space at HOME, Manchester, working with two groups, inclusively, of twenty primary ten and eleven year olds.

Using the Theatre of The Oppressed arsenal to explore everyday spaces young people find they are located in their lives: school, family, friends, etc. How these spaces might be regulated and for whom? 

Masks were introduced to take away time in age, with all having a common configuration, creating an anonymity. Enabling transition activities across the two groups. Shifting direction from face to body for sculpting images.

The children explored their family relationships by locating themselves and their family in spaces, inside their home. One girl placed her mother who was pregnant facing out and herself imaged as being agitated and her brother argumentative facing out. Another girl offered to change the image and turned all the characters inwards and the girl who constructed the original image, shouted out, “Yes, that is what I want”.

As part of the evaluation with the group we used image and sculpting, where the several of the group sculpted their thoughts of the day.