Skyscrapers (outsider art)


A Saturday morning workshop – full engagement.

Skyscrapers, as a group, is located within the, Steppingstonescreative arts group for special needs and disabled individuals. The group collectively focuses on producing ‘Naive Art’ and exploration of meaning and representation through the process of art as a discrete discipline. Art is the lead and not the individuals assessment and diagnosis.

The events are collaborations between the facilitating artist and individual members. Where the intention of Skyscrapers is to provide studio space, materials and artistic guidance for those artistically inclined. Accepting those experiences, skills and understanding the individuals bring with them.

Skyscrapers members have  (1) SpecialEducational Needs and Disability and (2) mental health issues .

Located in Flixton, meeting the second saturday of the month.  The group is facilitated by a professional artist.

‘Skyscrapers’ first exhibition was held inside ‘The Soapworks’, Salford, June 2017.

Invite to Skyscrapers.

As a group Skyscrapers are always looking for the ‘novel’ in exhibiting their ‘naive’ style of art work. MiniSun, a lighting company in Salford, are introducing a new product, called ‘paint-me lampshade’ and have asked the group to be involved in its development, in bringing their unique style to the ‘paint-me lampshades’. We are hoping some of our finished pieces of artwork will be on display in their showroom.Adding to and helping  demonstrate the wide creative use of this product.

This arts led project will start in September and we would like like to thank MiniSun.