School – ‘Time’ and ‘Space’

‘Time’ and ‘Space’

In collaboration with Steppingstones(creative) pupils from Limetree and AcreHall have been influenced by the work of the conceptual artist, Lawrence Weiner. Weiner’s art is founded on the concept of text being non-subjective, generalised and transferrable. Pupils have used this concept to demonstrate how they percieve ‘time’ and ‘space’ within the two schools.

In late June there will be a further and more extensive exhibition of the childrens perceptions of ‘time’ and ‘space’ demonstrated through the conceptual lens of Lawrence Weiner, held inside Islington Mill.

June 27th to July 4th, an exhibition of childrens artwork exploring ‘time’and ‘space’, as they see it in their school. Influenced by the work of conceptual artist, Lawrence Weiner. The exhibition will be held inside Islington Mill, Salford. Thursday 28th june from there will be an official steppingstones (creative) reception.