Re-Claiming Public Spaces

Re-Claiming Public Spaces

The Whitworth –  for us, a very public space

Ferdinand Deligny would argue severe autistic children do not have an active consciousness of being, they only sense and have a lived experience. They are seen by others, others who can reflect, and project ‘themselves and their perceptions’ onto others. This can mean some of our children feel or can be excluded from ‘public spaces’ they are entitled to enter.

We use creative dance and movement to reclaim these ‘public spaces’, by performing in these spaces

When using The Whitworth, The Soapworks, Ordsall Hall, our children for a moment reclaim (re-establish their presence) public space, a location where they can control, and express in the form they want. If observers/public want to watch and be included in ‘our’ activity and in ‘our’ space, they can.

By re-claiming a public space our group becomes familiar with the concept of performance (to the public). Developing confidence, awareness, an identity …. as an artist.