Dear Parents, Members and Interested Others.

With consultation, our members and staff, have stated they wish to carry on with implementing our covid procedures, in face to face activities.

We are now reviewing and creating ‘What’s Next’, our future  programme of  exciting creative arts activities. Please explore our ‘Whats Next’ calendar below.

If any group member or parents wishes any further information on our activities. Please do not hesitate and I can be contacted via messenger, or via this website.

Kind Regards,


Director of Steppingstonescreative


At Home, Everyone is an Artist

In line with our belief, and the statement of the German artist, Josef Beuys, ‘Everyone is an artist’.

During lockdown we invited our group, parents and others involved with steppingstonescreative to create images of the present and future which have an individual meaning.  These images have been placed  onto our exhibition gallery page “At Home, everyone is an artist’.

Creative Dance and Movement Podcasts to do at home

Six Dance and Movement Podcasts linked to YouTube, choreographed by Bettina Carpi , for  individuals or family to follow, in their home. 

Reviews of the podcasts:

Alysha has said ‘yes that is fine she can do those movements and will try it today’

Anais, ‘It was really accessible to everyone, we quite enjoyed having something to focus on this morning, I think the others will enjoy it to’

On line mentoring

Individual on-line mentoring: art facilitation, arts award and creative dance and movement.

What’s Next?

Re-opening Saturday’s 11th September 2021

Saturday 11th September. We will be re-opening our regular Saturday morning sessions, 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m., Cadishead Band Hall, Irlam and Cadishead.

Exhibitions, dates to be confirmed:

Bubble-up project: Transition from Lockdown to …….. Temperance Bar, Leamington Spa; Manchester Art School; Pyramid, Warrington.

Everyone is an artist … Soapworks, Salford

Collaboration with Julian Boal

February 22nd – 25th February, 2020. A four day collaboration with Julian Boal exploring ‘voice’ and relevant issues. We will be holding several activities in preparation for our work with Julian, connecting with partners.

Inclusive Dance Project – Our Place in Nature

October. An inclusive dance project to explore how we relate to nature and climate change. Various venues and settings.

Lowry Theatre Visit to see Akram Khan

Thursday 30th September. Visit to Lowry Theatre to watch the live performance of the dancer Akram Khan.

Summer Holiday Activities

Thursday August 5th – 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m., Cadishead Band Hall. Creative movement session. Where we will also link in with our ‘Maltese’ friends

Friday 6th August. All day barge trip with New Horizons, along the Macclesfield Canal.

Wednesday 11th August. Celebrating Salford Youth Day, with a visit to Michelle Tatton, art framers, Eccles. Discussing creative industries in the Salford area, also framing individual pieces of work. Linking into our principle theme of ‘everyone is an artist’.

Thursday 12th. August. 5th – 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m., Cadishead Band Hall. Creative movement session. Where again we will also link in with our ‘Maltese’ friends and dancers.

Drama Residential

17th/18th July a drama residential at Salford Holiday Camp, exploring the techniques of Augusto Boal and his Theatre of The Oppressed techniques. Using visual arts (Seye, Senegalese untrained artist) as initial stimulus, in discussing what we mean by voice, and planning for Julian Boal’s visit.

WanderLines Inclusive Dance and Movement Project

WanderLines Dance Project: Exploring our lines of wandering, how they declare our behaviours and how they affect how other people might see us. A collaborative project with steppingstones creative and dance students from Salford and Edgehill University’s. Saturdays from February to April 6th, where a workshop will be experienced inside Walk The Plank, Salford.

Dance and Movement Workshops

Online Movement workshops led by Bettina Carpi. Every Wednesday 4.15 – 5.00 p.m. Beginners welcome.

Multi- Arts Blended Workshops at Cadishead Band Hall

Wednesday evenings 10th and 17th. March 6.30 – 7.30 p.m. Blended online arts workshops with artist Marc Turner, developing skills and introductions to Miro and Turner.

Linking Meanings and Sounds Through Poetry

February half term, 15th and 16th, 2021, a collaborative project with steppingstonescreative and poet Mike Garry. Exploring through poetry and art new meanings to life, created by the pandemic and our need to listen to each other.

Steppingstonescreative ‘Outsider Art’ Exhibition, The Temperance Bar, Leamington Spa

 Exhibition: Two Young Ladies

The exhibition ‘Two Young Ladies’ opens February, 2021, at The Temperance Bar, Leamington Spa, England. Curated by Steppingstonescreative “Two Young Ladies’ collects the work of two artists, Chloe Santos and Ella Evenson and images of movement from its own Dance group. Due to Covid the exhibition has been cancelled, with a future date to be rearranged.

Bubble Up Project

In partnership with Bettina Carpi and Warrington Youth Club we will be delivering a Bubble Up project commissioned by Curious Minds. A Transition themed project, starting November, for 11/12 years olds with learning difficulties. The project will consist of a multi-media approach: visual arts, Theatre of The Oppressed techniques and dance. Culminating in a visual exhibition on the theme of ‘Our New World’. We will be finishing in April with a visual exhibition of creative pieces by the young people.

What will it be like after ‘Covid 19’?

10th and 17th October, 12th and 28th November and 12th December Saturday’s at 1.00 – 3.00 p.m. Introduction to L.S. Lowry and a discussion on what it will be like after Covid 19. Venue Cadishead Band Hall, Salford

Online Dance Workshops

Second 10 session weekly on line Dance Workshops led by Bettina Carpi, on a Zoom platform. Starting Wednesdays at 3.15 p.m. on the 4th November.

Marple Canal Art Trip

25th October and 29th October: enjoyable social and exploration of Marple Canal, on New Horizons barge. The trips will be 3 hours long, observing the sights and changing colours along the bank of the canal. A lovely opportunity to sketch and draw what we see along the way

Traces and Authorship

October. To start planning with Michael, Bettina, Ashleigh and Anais our Inclusive Dance project. Where, using dance and movement, and visual arts, we will explore our traces and wanderings, exploring the perceptions which lie between the positions we take and wanderings we make. A questions and answers workshop will be given by our dance and movement group, inside “Walk The Plank’ on 6th April 2021.

November 2020

Online Arts Workshops led by Warrington Artist Marc Turner.

The workshops will support Chloe and Ella in their preparations for exhibition in November and is supported through our Michael H. Shamberg Bursary. If interested in joining please contact Dates: Wednesdays 23rd and 30th September, and 7th October, 18th and 25th November, 7.00 pm onwards.

Online Consultation with Members and Parents

Late September we will be approaching our members and parents, asking their views on how our programme can assist in the development of our members. This will be a sample and carried out as an outline dialogue.

Workshops and virtual exhibition, influenced by the American Artist Jean Michel Basquait.

August 4th and 5th, Soapworks, Salford Quays: two outside workshops exploring the style of Basquait and in a combination of own style and Basquait’s influence, to create pieces for a virtual exhibition, to be curated by the group at Goyt Mill, Autumn.

Who We Are

Date TBC. Introducing our creative dance and movement programme, for members, parents and those interested.

Date TBC: Open invitation to a morning arts workshop, where our board members can be met, dabbling in their arts.

Multi arts workshops

Dates TBC: every other Wednesday, Preston Hall, Irlam and Cadishead.