Michael H. Shamberg Bursary

Working with Marc Turner to create images in the style of Matisse.

Michael H. Shamberg Bursary Award

Michael was an incredible individual who demonstrated great generosity to our children in introducing and sharing with them his friends and contacts. A film producer and manager of  Factory Records Transatlantic, he introduced our young people with learning difficulties to artists, such as Louise Lawler, Lawrence Weiner, Malin Stahl, Elmar Hermann and others. Even when suffering from a debilitating illness, he found time to respond to our requests. In respect of his commitment to our young people we have established this small bursary award, aimed at supporting those young people with learning difficulties who have a genuine interest and passion in The Arts.

The Award is to inspire and encourage those individuals with learning difficulties, who have a passion for The Arts. To use this passion to help form a transformation of their lives.

The Award depends on voluntary contributions.


September 14th, 2018. Chloe, a girl with autism, will be working with Marc Turner (for ten sessions) in oils to explore the movement of individuals and groups within her youth club in Salford. Her images will be translated into paintings of the style of Matisse.

April 23rd: Marc Turner (Marc Turner School of Art) shared with Tianna (member of Skyscrapers) his introduction to portrait painting, where Tianna used acrylic wash, charcoal and oils to paint a self portrait.

“Yes Tianna expressed her delight at the input of the artist, describing in detail how she was introduced to oils and how she learnt so much during the session .. these sessions continue to enthuse and inspire her.” DeeDee Dewar – artist with Skyscrapers.