Who we are.

Screenprinting workshop on ‘Time’ and ‘Place’

Who we are:

We are a non-profit making organisation, who use creative arts to deliver  activities  for individuals with learning difficulties, physical disabilities and mental health concerns, often in inclusive settings. Delivering in the Greater Manchester area, our aim is to introduce individuals and groups, as participants, to diverse cultural and arts activities and creative spaces.

In creating our programmes we draw upon high quality associated artists, who themselves perform/exhibit in local, regional and international settings.  Working with the Creative Director and the educational and community partners in designing inspiring and challenging activities,often delivered in more than one art form.

A primary aim is to challenge and in doing so contribute to the development (transformation) of the individual or groups we work with.


Susan Ferguson (Cardiology Team Lead, Cardiology Research)

Alice Kettle (MIRAID)


Michael Appleyard – (SEND/Arts Education) Chair
Lynda Pearson – (SEND) Treasurer
Bromley Dixon – (Industry)
Paul Moulding – (Industry)
Len Mackin – (Community and Voluntary Sector)
Jamie Patterson – (Community and Arts)